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    Amusement Park Safety

    Don't Take It for Granted

    People of all ages attend amusing parks throughout the year. It may be the site of a destination for vacation, or it could just be a way to pass time on a Saturday afternoon. Either way, the mix of thrills and entertainment keep guests returning on a regular basis. For all the fun they offer, amusement parks can also be dangerous if you don’t know what to look for.

Ride Operator Instructions

When you board a ride, make sure you are paying attention to any instructions given to you. With rollercoasters, you’re often told to keep your arms and legs inside the car. Some rides may also include a suggestion to secure loose clothing and remove hats and sunglasses. The operator should do a seatbelt check as well. You can keep the ride from being delayed by fastening yours as soon as you sit down.

Pay Attention to Signs

Signs in amusement parks serve multiple purposes. They can warn you of dangerous, restricted areas that you shouldn’t enter. A sign can also let you know of potential health risks of riding a particular attraction. The fast motion of some thrill rides may put you at risk of injury if you’re pregnant, and those with heart conditions may not respond well to the fast-pace of all the actions surrounding them.

Park Responsibility

Amusement park officials have a responsibility to keep guests safe and secure during their stay. Staff should be knowledgeable of risks, and each employee needs to be on alert for potential dangers. It’s also the duty of the park to uphold ride maintenance and perform safety checks. When accidents do occur, a personal injury lawyer typically looks into whether or not the ride was up to code.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Safety Awareness and Notifying Staff

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