Education / Educación

Education: To provide access to educational opportunities for Spanish speakers 

GED—5 month guided GED course (High School Equivalency Certification)

Plazas Comunitarias—Adult literacy program to earn certification in Elementary and Middle School

Digital Literacy—Internet, basic and intermediate computer instruction

Financial Workshops– topics include filing taxes, managing a credit card, and how to apply for a loan

 Spanish GED Graduate
Gustavo is one of 120 graduate to date with this program!

Educación: Proveer acceso a oportunidades educacionales para los hispano hablantes     

Programa de GED en Español - Le permite obtener su diploma de “highschool” en 5 meses.

Plazas Comunitarias - Programa de alfabetización, primaria y secundaria.

Clases de internet y computación básica en intermedia

Talleres de Educación Financiera